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Archived Results

 The 2015 BA Motorsports South Central Regional AHRMA Motocross Championship Series Co-Sponsored by MXGurl Designs and Bluebonnet MX Park Gallery of Champions List 

Vintage MX Regional Series Champions

100cc Motocross Novice: Laurie Shelton 

Classic 250cc Novice: Brian Belcher

Classic 250cc Intermediate: John Foster

ESS 500cc Intermediate: John Foster

Premier 350cc Expert: Mike Parker

Sportsman 125cc Novice: Laurie Shelton

Sportsman 125cc Expert: Louis Leblanc

Sportsman 250cc Novice: Brian Oakley

Sportsman 250cc Intermediate: Richard Randle

Sportsman 500cc Novice: Mark Smithard

Sportsman 500cc Intermediate: David Tuckness

Sportsman Open-Twin Expert: Mike Parker

Vintage 40+ Novice: Brian Oakley

Vintage 40+ Intermediate: Randy Howell

Vintage 40+ Expert: Jeff Hards

Vintage 50+ Novice: Mike Elshout

Vintage 50+ Intermediate: Gary Davis

Vintage 50+ Expert: Jeff Hards

Vintage 60+ Novice: Bob Doty

Vintage 60+ Intermediate: Kevin Brown

Vintage 60+ Expert: Glenn Morris

Vintage 70+ Intermediate: Andy Anderson

Vintage Open Age Novice: Mark Smithard

Vintage Women's Intermediate: Maranda Anderson

Post Vintage MX Regional Series Champions: 

Historic 250cc Novice: Brian Oakley

Historic 250cc Expert: Mike Parker

Historic 500cc Novice: Greg Conn

Historic Four Stroke Novice: Mark Smithard

Historic Four Stroke Expert: Mike Parker 

Grand Prix 125cc Novice: Laurie Shelton

Grand Prix 125cc Expert: Tommy Cannon

Grand Prix 250cc Intermediate: Mike Aymond

Grand Prix 250cc Expert: Tommy Cannon

Grand Prix 500cc Novice: Tony Dunnam

Grand Prix 500cc Intermediate: Chris Ingram

Grand Prix 500cc Expert: Tommy Cannon

Ultima 250cc Intermediate: Mitch McGinnis

Ultima 500cc Novice: Michael Welden

Ultima 500cc Expert: Joel White

Ultima Four Stroke Expert: Mike Parker

Post Vintage 40+ Novice: Brian Oakley

Post Vintage 40+ Intermediate: Randy Howell

Post Vintage 50+ Novice: Mark Smithard

Post Vintage 50+ Expert: Hoot Parker

Post Vintage 60+ Intermediate: Tray Blanchard

Post Vintage Open Age Novice: Mark Smithard

Post Vintage Open Age Expert: Joel White

Post Vintage Women's Intermediate: Maranda Anderson